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Unlock the Future of Utilities with U2030 Collective Brain

Welcome to the U2030 Collective Brain, where utility and community leaders unite to drive transformative change in the industry through authentic collaboration. Here's why you should jump on board:

Why U2030 Collective Brain?

At U2030, we're not just another platform—we are a dynamic community dedicated to advancing utility transformation.

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The Results You'll Get

Joining U2030 Collective Brain means stepping into a world where your impact matters:

  • Shape Utility Transformation: Influence decisions that impact thousands through our collaborative initiatives.
  • Build a Supportive Network: Connect with passionate peers for support, connections, and personal growth.
  • Refine Leadership Skills: Develop and hone your leadership abilities in the context of utility operations and customer excellence, get recognized for your efforts, and have fun doing it.

When You Join

This is What You Can Do

  • Chat: Connect directly with members for real-time collaboration.
  • Feed: Stay updated with the latest activities and insights.
  • Discovery: Explore curated sections like Features, Top Posts, Top Members, and Upcoming Events.
  • Events: Attend our energizing U2030 Masterclasses, events, and other engaging meetings
  • Members: Discover and connect with a diverse directory of industry leaders.

What Our Members Are Saying

“Being a part of the Utility 2030 Collaborative has been an enriching experience for the BGE team. The collective wealth of knowledge of the members has been invaluable. The best part of U2030 is the innovative ways teams have been exposed to new concepts, hands-on learning experiences, and industry best practices. Through U2030, BGE team members have met a variety of industry experts. I highly recommend U2030 to any utility looking to elevate their performance and impact." 

— Ajit Apte, Vice President of Customer Operations, BGE

Embrace the Future of Utility Innovation with U2030 Collective Brain

Let’s transform together. Join us today and make your mark!

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